Ho! Ho! Oh... Your quirky Christmas pictures

Image source, Hannah Elsom
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You can never have too many Christmas lights, or can you?

Christmas trees, mince pies, tinsel and a log fire. Just some of the items associated with a traditional Christmas but not every household follows tradition.

Egg-box trees, Santa shaped sushi and toilet roll snowmen decorations have also made an appearance for some of you this Christmas.

Thank you for sharing your photos of festive fails and other unusual ways to celebrate Christmas.

Image source, Jen Gale
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This egg-sample of a cracking good tree was the brainchild of Jen Gale in Wiltshire. I think we can all agree its quite egg-ceptional!

Take a look at some more of your unique Christmas trees.

Capturing the Christmas spirit

Image source, Elizabeth Story
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Looks like the only thing 15-month-old Spencer wants for Christmas is to get away from Santa. Mum Elizabeth said: "Spencer loves everyone, but apparently not Santa. As soon as he sat on the big guy's lap he lost it."

Spencer wasn't the only one not impressed with a visit to Father Christmas.

Christmas cooking

Image source, Shirley Wong/@littlemissbento
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Don't fancy turkey? Then try some Santa sushi?
Image source, @theoren91
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Snowmen cookies... or just the coal for the eyes and mouth?
Image source, Beth Boyd
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Why have a gingerbread house when you can have a gingerbread turkey?

Festive felines and other pets

Image source, @ABHughes3
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This cat has found the "purrfect" hiding place.

And this cat wasn't the only pet getting into the Christmas spirit.

Different decorations

Image source, Charlene Maugeri
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Who needs snow to build a snowman?
Image source, Chris Flannagan
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And when there is nothing else left to decorate - move onto the face.

Workplace festivities

Image source, @SparkyInTheUK
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According to the Trades Union Congress 900,000 of us will be working on Christmas day, but with decorations like this, it could just be another day in the office...

Your workplace decorations seem a bit hit and miss.

Did you mark Christmas Jumper Day?

Image source, @matty_selley
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That moment when you receive a Christmas jumper as a gift.

Find out why Christmas jumpers are all the rage at this time of year.

And a merry Christmas from all at BBC Have Your Say.

Compiled by Rozina Sini