Kiev protests: Your questions to David Stern

David Stern

Ukrainian opposition leaders are poised to meet the president Viktor Yanukovych in an attempt to end the country's political crisis and the protests in Kiev.

It comes a day after two activists died in clashes between protesters and police in the capital.

They are the first two people to have died during the two-month conflict.

The BBC's David Stern is reporting from Ukraine and has been answering your questions.

Here is an edited version of the session - #AskBBCDavid - which was held on 23 January 2014.

Question from Pavlo from Khakiv, who emails: Will EU & UK revoke Ukraine ministers visas & apply sanctions as EU said it would if police fired at protesters?

David answers: Matter has been brought up in Brussels but unclear what stage at the moment

Question from Ferdinand in Riyadh: How many policeman have been hurt, as the BBC only reports number of protesters injured or killed?

David answers: As of yesterday, interior ministry said 100 injured and 80 hospitalised. #AskBBCDavid

Question from Maria from Kiev: You don't mention the journalists & doctors being beaten up by police. What can you tell me of this? #AskBBCDavid

David answers: Dozens of journalists have sustained injury, some very serious. Hard to put exact figure now due to conflicting information.

David continues: Can't say why they've been hurt but interesting so many have been hurt. This crisis stands out for the number of journalists injured.

Question from Josh Childs @jkchilds: Does the Ukrainian Government actually have the capability to enforce internet restrictions? #AskBBCDavid

David answers: This will only become evident when it happens, but there have been hints of govt capability

David continues:For example, sending warning texts to protesters. #AskBBCDavid

Question from @LtsnowOvernight: #AskBBCDavid It would seem easier to split the country in two. Is this being discussed?

David answers: Definitely is a risk, still long way from that scenario but is a possibility if crisis deepens. #AskBBCDavid

Question from @clairgc: Do you think the truce will hold long enough for leaders of the opposition to meet with Yanukovych? #AskBBCDavid

David answers: The truce is only temporary, it's meant to hold until end of talks - then we'll see. #AskBBCDavid

Question from Holly Andrzeicik: I want to know why the people of the Ukraine want to be part of the EU with all of its problems? #AskBBCDavid

David answers: For Ukraine, the EU is not just a political organisation but an idea of democracy and freedom.

Question from @Aline_Lev: Do you think there are violations of the #humanrights taking place in Ukraine? Who should be held responsible? #AskBBCDavid

David answers: Yes. HRs groups already criticised Ukranian police before crisis.

David continues: Now there are many accusations of abuse by police, unclear who is responsible if these are true. #AskBBCDavid

Question from @aliibin: Do you think we will see the same level of violence used against the protesters in Ukraine as we did in Egypt? #AskBBCDavid

David answers: Certainly hope not. At the moment, clashes as fierce as they are, are isolated. Still chance to avoid escalation.

Question from @loadedgun64: Who is to be blamed for Kiev protest and Why? #AskBBCDavid

David answers: If you mean the direct cause of the Kiev protest, it was president's decision to freeze the association agreement.

David continues: But many other frustrations and reasons contributed. Both sides are fighting, not question of blame.

David signs off: Thanks for all your q's, sorry I didn't get to answer them all.

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