Your highlights of 2012 in pictures

London 2012 stadium
Image caption Get your thinking caps on and your pens out

What story grabbed your attention in 2012? Can you send us your drawing of it?

From the re-election of President Barack Obama to the Summer Olympics in London it has been a very eventful year.

We want to hear what was important to you - and we want you to send us a drawing of it. You can add a few words to give us your personal interpretation of that story. We will publish a selection of your images on the BBC News website.

What news headlines have stuck in your mind? What has been your favourite story of 2012?

You may have been caught by the celebrations across the UK for the Diamond Jubilee. Or you may have been stirred by the sight of millions of Egyptians going to the polls to elect their president for the first time.

Or you may be interested in a story that has affected your region but has not been covered in a big way by national or international media.

So get your thinking caps on and your pens out. Your image does not have to be a work of art, it can just be a doodle.

Sketch or scribble your favourite moment on a piece of paper then photograph that and upload the drawing and send it to us.

Here is a selection of the drawings you submitted.

If you submit an image, you do so in accordance with the BBC's Terms and Conditions.