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9 November 2012 Last updated at 15:51

Profile: Haiti, land enslaved by its pastMap of Haiti

Hurricane Sandy has devastated crops in Haiti, the latest in a series of natural and man-made disasters stretching back over the two centuries of independence

Media - what people get to see

  • Internet user in ChinaOnline giant

    China has the world's biggest media market and largest online population

  • North Korean propaganda posterIt's stuck!

    North Korean TVs and radios are pre-tuned to pick up government propaganda

  • Tunisian newspaper readerNew awakening

    Tunisia's new-found media freedoms followed popular revolt of the Arab Spring

  • Brazilian at newspaper standBrazil blockbusters

    South America's biggest media market exports its popular TV soaps worldwide


  • Che Guevara pictured at an exhibitionCuba's road to revolution

    Trace the history of the Caribbean island, from the time it was claimed for Spain in 1492 to the present

  • Spanish evolution

    Follow Spain's transformation from a major empire to a modern, democratic state

  • Uruguay profile - Timeline

    A chronology of key events in the history of Uruguay, from its 16th-century European colonisation to the present day

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