The stigma of HIV - four places, four people

From India to Kenya, and Tajikistan to Bolivia - the daily difficulties that face people with HIV are often the same no matter what country they live in, and no matter how many thousands of miles they are apart.

In Stigma Under the Lens - marking World Aids Day on 1 December - the charity Christian Aid has worked with Magnum Photos, an international co-operative of photographers, to document personal perspectives of the disease. Here, take a glimpse at the lives of four HIV positive people.

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Images copyright Magnum Photos. Audio interviews copyright Christian Aid.

Photographers: Tajikistan - Peter van Agtmael, Kenya - Olivia Arthur, India - Patrick Zachmann, Bolivia - Alessandra Sanguinetti.

Music courtesy KPM Music. Slideshow production by Paul Kerley. Publication date 28 November 2011.

Aids: Where Now?

A series of features on Aids and HIV, as the UN marks World Aids Day on 1 December


Christian Aid - Stigma Under The Lens

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