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US Congressmen Anthony Weiner has admitted he did indeed send lewd photos via Twitter, and not a hacker as he'd originally claimed. He is by no means the first politician to be caught out when attempting to deny an indiscretion. Test yourself.

Weiner's press conference

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Who tried to bat away allegations of an indiscretion as "not a national security thing"?

Weiner, Berlusconi and Clinton
  1. Anthony Weiner
  2. Silvio Berlusconi
  3. Bill Clinton

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Earlier this year, the "it was a hacker" defence was used by another married New York congressman - Republican Chris Lee. What had he been caught doing?

  1. Sending a topless photo to a woman who was not his wife
  2. Sending e-mails describing himself as divorced, and a "very fit fun classy guy"
  3. Both of the above

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Bill Clinton initially denied an affair with Monica Lewinsky. Which did he say under oath?

Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton, photographed in Nov 1995
  1. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"
  2. "I've never had an affair with her"
  3. "The great story here for anybody willing to find it...is this vast right-wing conspiracy"

4.) Multiple Choice Question

"He wasn't ashamed of it at the time and he wanted it to continue." Said who, after an ex-lover described their affair as the most shameful episode in his life?

  1. Kay Summersby, on Dwight Eisenhower
  2. Anne Pingeot, on Francois Mitterrand
  3. British MP Edwina Currie, on John Major

5.) Multiple Choice Question

"If I had done everything I am said to have done, she would have gouged my eyes out." Said who, using the "my wife/girlfriend would never allow it" defence?

Chirac, Schwarzenegger, Berlusconi
  1. Jacques Chirac
  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  3. Silvio Berlusconi

6.) Missing Word Question

'I can't say with * if it's my crotch'

  1. certitude
  2. hand on heart

7.) Multiple Choice Question

"I warned him often enough: the day Napoleon left Josephine, he lost everything." Said the wronged wife of which politican?

  1. Jacques Chirac, former French president
  2. John Edwards, US presidential hopeful
  3. John F Kennedy, former US president
  4. Charles Haughey, former Taoiseach of Ireland


  1. It was Weiner, when still denying he sent photos of his underwear-clad mid-section to a college student. It wasn't a matter of national security, said the New York Democrat, as it wasn't his official e-mail account that had been used.
  2. It was both, sent in response to a "women seeking men" advert on a Craigslist internet forum. Lee resigned soon afterwards, but not before his spokesman claimed it was a hack attack.
  3. He said "I've never had an affair with her," referring to Monica Lewinsky, under oath in a deposition relating to another alleged indiscretion (with Paula Jones). He argued this was true under a detailed legal definition of "sexual relations". The "that woman" quote was at a White House press conference. And it was Hillary Clinton who blamed a "right-wing conspiracy".
  4. It was Edwina Currie. Her 2002 memoirs included details of her four-year affair in the 1980s with John Major. Meanwhile, WWII rumours swirled around Eisenhower and his aide, Kay Summersby. Years later, she titled her memoirs My Love Affair with Dwight - but said it was unconsumated. And Mr Mitterrand had a child with Anne Pingeot, but kept their relationship secret for years.
  5. It was Silvio Berlusconi, who said his girlfriend had been at the so called "bunga bunga" parties at which he was accused of paying for sex with an underage dancer. Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger and wife Maria Shriver parted company shortly before it was revealed he'd fathered a child with their housekeeper. And in a 2001 book, Bernadette Chirac implicitly admitted her husband's past infidelities.
  6. It's certitude. At a press conference last week, he admitted he could not say "with certitude" whether the lewd photo sent to a university student was of him.
  7. It's Bernadette Chirac, In her 2001 book, she also wrote: "Convention meant that in this kind of situation you put up a front and just kept going." Meanwhile, John Edwards faces charges of using campaign funds to hide an affair. JFK reportedly carried on with a number of women. And in 1999, gossip columnist Terry Keane revealed she and Irish politician Charles Haughey had been lovers for 27 years.

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0 - 2 : Under the carpet

3 - 5 : Out in the open

6 - 7 : Above board

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