Coalition forces mapped

Coalition forces

A coalition of nations, led by Nato and including Britain, France and the United States are taking part in military action against Libya.

France: The first country to launch bombing raids against Libya. The planes took off from bases in France, including Saint Dizier. More planes have since moved down to Solenzara in Corsica, to be closer to Libya.

The Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier has also been deployed in the Mediterranean.

Britain: British Tornadoes, from RAF Marham in Norfolk, also took part in the first air raids on Libya. More fighters have been sent to Gioia del Colle in southern Italy. British frigates have been deployed to the Mediterranean.

United States: Several submarines and warships have been deployed in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Libya. The US also has planes based in Aviano in northern Italy and Sigonella in Sicily. B-2 Stealth bombers have flown bombing missions from the US.

Other contributors: Canada, based in Trapani, Sicily, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Qatar and United Arab Emirates

Coalition firepower

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