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It's the World News 7 days 7 questions weekly quiz - a chance to find out how much global news from the past week you've read, heard and watched... and how much has stayed lodged in the old grey matter.


1.) Multiple Choice Question

Florida governor Charlie Crist is to issue a posthumous pardon to singer Jim Morrison, who was convicted of exposing himself at a concert. Why did he not serve his six-month jail sentence?

jim morrison
  1. He was allowed to do community service instead
  2. He jumped bail and left the country
  3. He died during his appeal

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Catholic priests in the US gathered at the weekend to discuss a shortage of what?

  1. Exorcists
  2. Campanologists
  3. Theologians

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Japan's justice minister, Minoru Yanagida, is in trouble for stating that his job was easy. What was he reported to have said his job consisted of?

japan minister
  1. Quoting a few stock phrases in parliament
  2. Taking very long lunch breaks
  3. Delegating his entire workload

4.) Multiple Choice Question

"There is no reason to lose heart," was said by whom this week?

  1. Burma's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi to her followers
  2. Ireland's prime minister Brian Cowen to the country
  3. Silvio Berlusconi who is facing no-confidence votes, to his party

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Guinness World Record day, and people across the world tried to set new records. Which of these was NOT set?

  1. Breaking most concrete blocks while holding an egg
  2. Most dogs in costume in one place
  3. Most live octopi eaten in a single sitting
  4. Most nationalities in one sauna

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Greece has unveiled spending cuts aimed at reducing the budget deficit by almost $7bn to comply with the terms of a EU and IMF bailout. Forty per cent of the cuts will come from which area?

  1. National health service
  2. Defence
  3. Civil service

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Prince William, the second-in-line to the British throne, and his long-time girlfriend announced their engagement this week - but where did he pop the question?

kate and william
  1. Anglesey, North Wales
  2. Klosters, Switzerland
  3. Mount Kenya, Kenya


  1. Jim Morrison died while the appeal was still proceeding through the courts. Mr Crist, a Doors fan, said that the evidence that Morrison unzipped his pants was flimsy and that prosecutors had been trying to make an example of the singer.
  2. It's exorcists. Bishop Paprocki, who attended the Conference on the Liturgical and Pastoral Practice of Exorcism, was quoted as saying the event came about after an increasing number of inquiries from priests in the US.
  3. It's the stock phrases. Apparently he said all he had to do was remember two phrases, either of which could be used in parliament when he was stuck for an answer. According to the Japanese agency, the phrases are: "I refrain from making comments on a specific issue" and "We are dealing with the matter based on laws and evidence".
  4. It was Aung San Suu Kyi, who was released from house detention this week. The pro-democracy leader told thousands of supporters outside the headquarters of her political party in Rangoon not to give up hope.
  5. The live octopi record is the odd one out. All the rest were done for world records day. Joe Alexander in Germany did break 24 concrete blocks in three stacks of eight without breaking the egg he was clutching.
  6. It's the national health service. Ten per cent will be cut from defence spending. The 2011 budget, which has been submitted to parliament, also includes a plan to sell off some state-owned enterprises, such as the national train network.
  7. It was Kenya. The couple were staying with friends at the time in Kenya, at a lodge north of Mount Kenya. According to reports it was on the slopes of the mountain that the prince asked Kate to marry him.

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