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    Video caption: Marr: Vaughan Gething explains Wales supermarket rules

    The Welsh Minister for Health and Social Services spoke to Andrew Marr about Wales' 'firebreak' lockdown.

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    Video caption: Mark Drakeford: Not time 'to browse for non-essentials'

    Supermarkets will be unable to sell non-essential items during the firebreak lockdown.

  3. Lockdown 'disproportionate' says Welsh Tory leader

    The temporary national lockdown in Wales is "disproportionate", says the leader of the Welsh Conservatives' Senedd group.

    Asked about the controversy over what was classed as essential retail, Paul Davies said: “It shouldn’t have come to this in the first place.

    “We believe that introducing this temporary national lockdown is disproportionate and will actually hit businesses and hit the economy very, very hard.

    "Therefore, in our view, obviously, independent retailers should be allowed to open as well.”

    Paul Davies
    Image caption: Paul Davies says the lockdown will hit the Welsh economy "very, very hard"
  4. Plaid Cymru claims communication is lacking

    Government communication has been lacking throughout the Covid crisis, according to Plaid Cymru health spokesman Rhun ap Iorwerth.

    "I think that’s been the story throughout this pandemic," he said.

    “I’ve been arguing on behalf of businesses in my constituency back in May, June, July, give us plans, give us an idea of what is ahead.

    “This firebreak [in Wales] needs to be a reset for the way government communicates these messages.”

    Mr ap Iorwerth added the government was right to find ways of minimising contact between people during the firebreak.

    Rhun ap Iorwerth
    Image caption: Rhun ap Iorwerth said he had been arguing throughout the summer for firms to be given plans
  5. 'Short, sharp shock to save lives' in Wales

    The number of patients in hospital with corovirus symptoms has almost doubled during October to nearly 900, Wales' first minister says.

    Mark Drakeford told today's coronavirus briefing that the 17-day firebreak lockdown, which begins at 18:00 tonight, was vital to prevent hospitals from being overrun.

    The number being treated had risen from 500 to nearly 900 in October alone, he said, with 47 people in critical care.

    "This is a short, sharp shock to the virus to turn back the clock and to ensure our NHS is not overrun in the coming weeks,” he said.

    “This is a short, sharp shock to save lives.”

    Mark Drakeford