Health and safety probe into Valero oil refinery incident

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Valero took over the refinery in 2011

An investigation has been launched into a possible dangerous or injury-related incident at an oil refinery.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is looking into an incident at the Valero oil refinery in Pembroke.

It was reported to the HSE in November, but has only just been disclosed, and relates to reporting of "injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences" regulations.

Valero said no-one was injured and the firm was working with the HSE.

An HSE spokesman said: "The incident took place on the alkylate iso-stripper and is being investigated by HSE. No enforcement action has been taken, though the investigation remains ongoing."

Valero said safety was "the guiding principle for all that we do at Pembroke refinery" but could not comment further during the investigation.