Plan to reroute public footpath through naturist campsite

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The footpath currently runs to the right of this pond, adjacent to the naturist campsite, but it could be rerouted to go to the left instead

A public footpath running through a naturist campsite could be rerouted.

The path cuts through Dolcoed camping site in Maesycrugiau but could be moved to skirt the edge of the property.

Llanllwni Community Council wants it moved "to reduce the possibility of the public coming into contact with, or sight of, the users of the campsite" but many people in the village said they had no issue with the naturists.

Carmarthenshire council will discuss the plans for the path on Friday.

The authority is expected to announced its decision within the next week.

The council report acknowledges the route "is obstructed in many places and has been disused for many years".

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Many people living near the site were not worried by the path

At present, the right of way runs along a tree line adjacent to the 15 caravans pitches and through the yard and home of the site's owners Jo and Mike Eveleigh.

"The property has been here nearly 200 years, somewhere along the line an error has been made as the current right of way goes through our property," said Mrs Eveleigh.

"We want to see this error changed for the benefit of everybody's privacy."

The proposed new route has been opposed by three neighbours as it would run through a field behind their homes.

Shirley Northam, who lives nearby, said: "Most people would respect their privacy, it's up to them what they do."

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The campsite's website says it hopes "visitors will feel free to be undressed or dressed, in their own company or with friends"

Mandy Hopkins, who lives next door to the campsite, said: "It doesn't bother me at all, I didn't know there was a pathway there in the first place and I've lived here for 20 years.

"I haven't seen any nude people walking around. They do come past here to go to the local shops and pub, they're just ordinary people going about their lives."

However, Malcolm and Teresa Tulloch, whose home backs onto the field where the new path would go, said the public right of way should be scrapped altogether.

"I don't think they should move it," said Mrs Tulloch.

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Neighbours Angharad Van Rijswijk and Mandy Hopkins said they do not see naturists "walking around the village"

"I'm surprised they want a path through there because it hasn't been used for donkeys years If nobody's going to use it, why not just do away with it?"

No complaints have been made about the existing obstructions on the path, which were only uncovered when the council carried out a survey.

Moving the path would also resolve "an historic definitive map anomaly without significant deviation from the paths' original route," the council report said.

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Malcolm and Teresa Tulloch do not want the path diverted as it would then run through the field behind their home