Gower wedding venue sorry for 'Slightly OCD' wanted tweet

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Image caption, Fairyhill tweeted images of misaligned cutlery

A wedding venue on the Gower Peninsula has apologised for advertising for staff who are "slightly OCD".

Fairyhill in Reynoldston tweeted images of misaligned cutlery and crumpled napkins, with the heading "Slightly OCD? Then we'd like to hear from you".

It sparked angry responses from people living with the condition, including one from Ashley Fulwood, chief executive of charity OCD-UK.

The venue, near Swansea, has "sincerely apologised" for the social media post.

Fairyhill - which describes itself as "where luxury meets magic" - have since deleted the tweet and reworded the advert on their website.

The venue, which re-opened as a bespoke wedding venue as part of the Oldwalls group on 1 March, now asks for "perfectionists".

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Image caption, Fairyhill in Reynoldston re-opened as a bespoke wedding venue on 1 March

Admitting they had misjudged the tone of the post, a statement from the company said: "We meant no harm and truly appreciate that in today's politically correct society we should have been more conscious.

"OCD is such an overused term in public discourse and is too often trivialised.

"In hindsight we did not understand the true meaning of the condition and how it deeply affects those who suffer. A positive from this judgement error is that we've raised awareness and hope others will follow suit and not misuse the term in daily conversation."

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Some social media replies said OCD caused "horrific self-harm and unbearable anxiety", and put those with the condition at a greater risk of suicide.

"Are you aware that OCD is absolutely nothing to do with being a perfectionist?" asked OCD-UK boss Mr Fulwood on Twitter.

"Did you know that someone who likes things a certain way, let's say neat and tidy, is compelled to arrange things that way because of an unwanted, aggressive, intrusive thought?"

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