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Rescued seal pups returned to sea in Pembrokeshire

Seal Image copyright RSPCA

Four seals rescued from the coast around Wales have been released back into the water after being cared for at an animal shelter.

The grey seals were taken to a beach near St Brides' Bay in Pembrokeshire following rehabilitation by the RSPCA.

The quartet have been tagged to enable members of the public to report any future sightings and monitor their movements.

A spokeswoman reminded people not to approach lone pups for 24 hours.

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Media captionSeals make their way to the water

Animal collection officer Ellie West said: "This is the best part of being a member of the RSPCA inspectorate - seeing animals back into their natural habitat.

"I am grateful to Welsh Marine Life Rescue for their help in releasing these seals back into the sea.

"We do get a number of calls about abandoned seal pups and it's great that we are able to rescue them, give them the care they need and get them back out into the sea.

"I would like to remind members of public to follow our advice about leaving wild animals alone, for 24 hours, before contacting us, as human presence may hinder rather than help."

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