Drug addict admits killing solicitor Alison Farr-Davies

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Ms Farr-Davies qualified as a solicitor in 2001 and practised in Cardiff and cities in England

A drug addict has admitted to killing his solicitor girlfriend in Swansea.

Alison Farr-Davies, 42, was found dead in the pair's flat on Neath Road in the Hafod area of the city on 13 September last year.

Dean Jones, 38, was due to go on trial for her murder but admitted to manslaughter before it began.

Swansea Crown Court heard Ms Farr-Davies, who also had a drug problem, had suffered a number of injuries.

Judge Keith Thomas said there was "no direct evidence as to how she came by her death" and the evidence which would have been presented to the jury was "circumstantial".

Sarah Elliott, defending, told the court Jones was in "significant withdrawal" at the time of Miss Farr-Davies' death and was "taking a large quantity of medication to manage that withdrawal".

Image source, Family photo
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Miss Farr-Davies' family described her as "a very gentle, caring and loving person"

Christopher Quinlan QC, prosecuting, said Miss Farr-Davies had managed to beat her drug problem, but it had "taken hold of her again" in 2015.

She told her sister she was planning to get rehabilitation but ended up returning to south Wales and living in Swansea, where she met Jones.

Jones was said to have found her sleeping rough on the streets before they moved in together and started a relationship.

Mr Quinlan said the day before Miss Farr-Davies' body was found, a neighbour went to investigate after hearing what she thought was a person falling down the stairs.

The neighbour peered through the letterbox and saw her sitting at the bottom of the stairs. Jones said "nothing was wrong" and promised to call an ambulance.

Later the same day Jones was at another neighbour's flat asking for money.

"He was clucking - the street term for withdrawing from heroin" said Mr Quinlan.

"He said he needed it for himself and his girlfriend, that she was in a bad way."

It was not until the following day that the alarm was raised and an ambulance called.

Miss Farr-Davies was pronounced dead by paramedics and Jones then escaped through a window after being told not to leave by a police officer.