South West Wales

Children sue Swansea council over abuse allegations

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Four children are seeking £200,000 in damages from Swansea council, over claims it did not protect them from their abusive parents.

It is alleged that one child had seen its parents snort cocaine and another was still wearing nappies aged seven.

The children were eventually put into foster care but lawyers acting on their behalf say that should have happened sooner.

Swansea council said it would be "inappropriate to comment".

The legal action has been launched on the children's behalf by the Official Solicitor - part of the justice ministry which acts for those too vulnerable or young to sue for themselves.

Papers lodged with the Royal Courts of Justice in December 2016 also allege that the mother had refused to take one of her children to hospital despite it having breathing difficulties.

'Emotional abuse'

The mother and child were later escorted to hospital by police.

The action claims the local authority should have done more to protect the youngsters from "physical and emotional abuse and neglect which they were subject in their family home".

The papers state the claimants expect to recover more than £200,000, saying their parents had been known to social workers for "quite some time".