South West Wales

Caldey Island's new fire engine flown in by helicopter

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Media captionAn RAF Chinook helicopter took the vehicle on to Caldey island

A Pembrokeshire island has had a new fire engine delivered by helicopter.

The 4x4 vehicle was airlifted three miles (4.8km) by a RAF Chinook helicopter on to Caldey island, home to 40 inhabitants including 18 monks who live at a monastery.

The red rural response pump was attached by metal hoists to the underside of the chopper, and dangled 70ft (21m) below.

The fire appliance will be manned by volunteers.

The monks themselves were once responsible for running the fire service, but it has since been taken over by Mid and West Wales Fire Service.

Wing Commander Phil Greville, RAF regional liaison officer in Wales, said: "Air-lifting this type of vehicle underneath a Chinook has not been done before.

"The fire service needed to get a new fire appliance out to the island and we wanted to get this type of fire-vehicle approved for air-lift by Chinook.

"The rural response pump vehicle is in widespread use throughout the UK and in the future, we will be able to fly it to where it is needed when responding to major floods and other emergency situations."

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