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Swansea council drop court case against pigeon feeder

Lauren-Paige Smith Image copyright Wales News Service
Image caption Lauren-Paige Smith said she was being "penalised for doing a kind act"

A woman has won a legal battle after she was fined for feeding a pigeon a chip in Swansea.

Lauren-Paige Smith, 19, was taken to court on 15 November for refusing to pay Swansea council a £25 fine for littering.

She did not enter a plea at Swansea Magistrates, arguing that no litter had been left as the bird ate the chip.

Swansea council has now decided to drop the case.

Miss Smith defended herself against Swansea council's legal team.

She said she should not be prosecuted as "no offence had been committed" as she was only feeding the birds.

Image copyright MOHD RASFAN
Image caption Swansea council are running a campaign to discourage people from feeding pigeons

The court entered a not guilty plea on her behalf and a trial, costing an estimated £2,500, was listed for December.

Swansea council has since backed down.

A spokesman said: "Following the court hearing the council has given further consideration to the matter and has decided not to pursue the prosecution on this occasion."

He added the council would continue to discourage shoppers from feeding the birds, including "enforcement where appropriate."

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