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'Red Dragon' Aston Martin auction could go for £1.6m

1936 Aston Martin Speed Model 'Red Dragon' Image copyright Bonhams

A 1936 Aston Martin which once belonged to Welsh racer Dudley Folland, who remodelled and placed a Welsh dragon on it, is to be auctioned for about £1.6m.

He bought the car after World War Two and adapted the bodywork to resemble a successful early Ferrari.

Carmarthenshire-born amateur racer Mr Folland made the change after losing to a Ferrari in a 12-hour race in Paris and a 24-hour event in Spa.

The auction for the Aston "Red Dragon" was due to place on Saturday.

John Polson, Bonhams motoring specialist, said: "Folland chose 'Red Dragon' because it was the most competitive British built car available in the early years after the war."

Image copyright Bonhams
Image caption 1936 Aston Martin Speed Model 'Red Dragon'

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