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Six pedigree dachshunds stolen during Swansea burglary

Dogs Image copyright Julie Wolsey
Image caption One of the adult dogs and the puppies which were stolen

Six pedigree dogs worth thousands of pounds have been stolen during a burglary at a Swansea house.

Two pregnant dachshunds and four 10-day old puppies were stolen from High Street, Grovesend, on Saturday.

Owner Julie Wolsey also had a Mercedes car, jewellery and a safe containing money stolen in the raid.

South Wales Police said it was investigating the burglary and a ransom demand given to Ms Wolsey for the return of the dogs.

Ms Wolsey said she was not holding out much hope for the dogs.

"They stole my jewellery, and my mother's jewellery who died years ago, as well as some of my children's, and a safe from my bedroom containing a lot of money," she said.

"But what I really care about is the dogs."

'Fear the worst'

The two pedigree adult dachshund dogs were both pregnant when they were taken while another dog had her four puppies taken.

Ms Wolsey said she was worried about them being able to survive giving birth.

She said: "The pregnant adults have never had a litter before, and were due to give birth on Sunday. But dachshunds are prone to needing Caesareans, and if that is what is needed, I dread to think what will happen to them.

"The pups can be worth up to £1,500, but this is nothing to do with the money.

"I am just concerned about the dogs and what has happened to them. But I fear the worst for them now."

A police spokesman said: "An investigation into a burglary of a house is continuing."

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