South West Wales

Swansea woman finds fried 'use by' label in KFC chicken

The fried "use by" label inside the KFC chicken, and Lana Taylor of Swansea Image copyright Wales News Service
Image caption KFC said it believed the label fell into the 'breading' while Lana's meal was being prepared

A KFC customer in Swansea was horrified to find a "use by" label cooked inside her chicken.

Lana Taylor, 23, found the fried label after buying a boneless banquet from the drive-thru in Llansamlet.

Ms Taylor, of Morriston, said: "It's disgusting and nobody should ever have to come across something like this in their food."

KFC apologised and said it had offered her a full refund and replacement meal vouchers "as a gesture of goodwill".

But Ms Taylor said she would "never eat in KFC ever again".

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