South West Wales

Motion to ban 'mosquito' device in Pembrokeshire

A high-pitched device that is generally only heard by people under the age of 25 and used to disperse groups of youths may be banned in Pembrokeshire.

The "mosquito" device would no longer be allowed to be used on any council-owned property if Pembrokeshire councillors back the move.

The authority's cabinet has already passed a motion to impose a ban and the final decision is up to full council.

Mosquito devices have been controversial.

The notice of motion pointed to a number of local authorities having already taken similar action to "safeguard the wellbeing and rights of the children and young people living in their communities".

It added: "If supported, this notice of motion will also help to ensure young people are not indiscriminately targeted as the cause of anti-social behaviour when there are other, more effective, responses that could address these concerns, such as assertive outreach from youth support services and more visible and proactive policing."

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