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Three black bags per fortnight plan by Swansea council

Black bin bags
Image caption Swansea council's research found that 95% of residents recycle some of their household waste

Residents in Swansea could be limited to putting out a maximum of three black rubbish bags a fortnight under plans to improve recycling in the city.

Swansea needs to recycle an extra 7,000 tonnes a year if the council is to meet a Wales-wide target of 58% by 2016.

It currently recycles 52% of what is thrown out and from 2016 will be fined £200 for every tonne under the target.

The council's cabinet will decide on the limit on Tuesday and could introduce it in April.

"The result of limiting black bags and increasing recycling will helps the council avoid any unnecessary fines, lower waste disposal costs and improve our local environment," said cabinet member June Burtonshaw.

"We have a wide range of popular recycling services available for residents and the latest research shows that almost three quarters of people now put out two or less black bags.

"We now want to go a step further by encouraging more people to reduce their black bag waste by limiting the amount of black bags that we'll collect.

Reducing costs

"However, we'll be working with residents to introduce these changes over time and we'll also take account of people's circumstances such as the size of their family and any obstacles to recycling.

"By reducing the amount of landfill we can improve the environment and reduce the cost of waste disposal for taxpayers."

Swansea council hopes the limit will encourage more residents to use the existing kerbside recycling services and help cut the amount of black bag waste currently being sent to landfill.

The council's research also found that 95% of its residents recycle some of their household waste.

Meanwhile, students and residents in Brynmill have been praised for recycling more than 50% food waste than they did last year.

Limits on black rubbish bags are already in operation at other councils including Monmouthshire and Carmarthenshire, and have led to an increase in the amount of recyclable rubbish being collected.

Cardiff is considering monthly black bag collections,

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