'DoodleMum' Angie Stevens draws on family life for online sketch hit


A mother-of-three has become an online hit with her witty and "brutally honest" sketches of family life.

What began as a bit of relaxation for Angie Stevens, from Swansea, could end up as a new career after massive interest in her DoodleMum blog .

She said life had been "non stop, chaotic" after her sketch-a-day blog was featured in national newspapers.

"I'd love to make a living out of it, but no matter what happens I won't stop drawing," she said.

On her blog Angie Stevens describes herself as "38, short, defensive, far too chatty for my own good, mother, artist, noisy, chocolate loving and permanently tired. (I know, how many bloody adjectives do I need…)."

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'Little moments' in her children's lives are documented in the blog

She said she has always drawn but had stopped after her son Gruff was born two years ago simply because she was too busy, and tired.

"My husband bought me a few sketch books to get me going," she told the BBC Radio Wales.

"I thought I'll do a diary; then I thought if I put it in a blog it'll make me put a picture on each day and it's snowballed from that.

"I've had an amazing, lovely, response."

Ms Stevens said she was "brutally honest" in the blog, "nothing is made up, if I'm having a bad day I put it on there".

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Angie Stevens says the blog is "brutally honest"

She said it was a good way to document "little moments" in her children's lives, things which would otherwise be forgotten.

"I do it late at night, and it makes me feel better, definitely," she said.

The response to her story being in the paper has been "totally and utterly mental".

"I'm just in my house putting these pictures on and suddenly it's totally overwhelming."

There had been some negative comments, but these she laughed off, she added.

"I want to illustrate books and draw pictures.

"I'll never stop doing that whether I'm paid for it or not, but it would be lovely to make a living out of it."

The artistic gene is also in the family.

"My nine-year-old is amazing and I'm chuffed to bits she's just eating up sketch-books. My four-year-old is also artistic and Gruff just eats crayons," she added.

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