South West Wales

Swansea builder finds 100-year-old Christmas card

Mark Hobbs with the Christmas card
Image caption Mark Hobbs found the card at a Victorian house he was renovating in the Uplands area of Swansea

A builder has found a 100-year-old Christmas card while renovating a Victorian house in Swansea.

Mark Hobbs says the card dated 21 December 1911 fell through a hole in the ceiling.

It was signed by someone called Grobity but he has failed to find anyone locally or nationally with that name.

He plans to hand over the card along with other items found under the floorboards at the house in the Uplands to Swansea museum.

Mr Hobbs, 38, said: "I opened the card and was absolutely stunned to see it was from exactly a century ago.

Image caption The card is signed by A & G Grobity and dated 21 December 1911

"It must have been stuffed in a cavity under the floorboards for all that time.

"The card is a bit simpler than our jazzy cards of today and it makes you think about how Christmas was celebrated 100 years ago."

The message inside read: "Good Remembrance of your Friends."

The builder added: "They must have been quite wealthy because I found it in quite an imposing three-storey Victorian house.

"I would be fascinated to find out some more about the card and who wrote it."

He also found a clothing tag from a local shop called Griffith and Son in the cavity along with a tin of Ogden's tobacco which still contained enough to fill a pipe.

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