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Dalmatian Pebbles has litter of 15 pups in Garnant

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Media captionPebbles had a litter of 15 puppies, the same as in the film 101 Dalmatians

A family have found themselves caring for 15 puppies after their pet Dalmatian had an extra large litter.

Owner Kay Sullivan said no-one expected two-and-half-year old Pebbles to have the same number of pups as the first litter in the film 101 Dalmatians.

Mrs Sullivan, of Garnant, Carmarthenshire, said they had to start feeding the first one again by the time they reached the last.

The family are looking to sell the pups, but may keep a couple of them.

She said she and her husband Neil decided to put Pebbles with another Dalmatian to take her mind off the death of the family's pet lamb, and the death of another family dog.

She said: "We were expecting an average litter of about seven or eight. We weren't expecting 15. It's a bit much."

The family are amazed all the pups have survived as they were worried about one in particular, but he had since pulled through.

Pebbles was too ill to look after her brood straightaway, so mother-of-four Mrs Sullivan called on her family to help out.

She said: "When they were first born, all we were doing was feeding them. By the time we had fed the last one, it was time to go back to the first one."

When Pebbles was well enough, she played her part, though she remains a little wary.

She said: "She's great with them. She goes in to just feed them and other than that she keeps away from them.

"She's a bit scored underneath now. She cleans them and leaves them."

Mrs Sullivan, who is not a dog breeder, said she wanted to sell most of the pups, thought to be worth about £450 each, but could keep one or two.

One buyer has already been lined up in Italy.

"We're not keeping 15," she said.

"We don't want 15 dogs running around."

Image caption Pebbles had a litter of 15 puppies, the same as in the film 101 Dalmatians

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