Memorial for Harry Patterson, 5, after driveway tragedy

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Harry Patterson, on the right, with his brother Dylan, pictured recently when they were at Swansea's Liberty Stadium for an Ospreys rugby game

A memorial is planned to pay tribute to a five-year-old boy killed in an accident in the driveway of his Swansea Valley home.

Harry Patterson suffered head injuries in the incident involving the family car at Alltwen, near Pontardawe.

People living in the village of Alltwen want the memorial to pay tribute to his life, with the money coming through an appeal, Harry's Fund.

They hope it can offer "emotional support" to Harry's family.

On their website the memorial's organisers say: "We hope to develop a permanent memorial, either something physical in the village or something to reflect Harry's personality, so that the bright light that Harry was, will shine in our hearts and memories forever.

"Additionally, Harry's Fund will be used to help and support children in the local community and to help families who have lost children in tragic circumstances."

'Very happy child'

Harry's parents Michelle and Christian and Dylan, his older brother, have been supported by police officers following the tragedy.

Speaking after Harry's death on 13 September, Mr Patterson had described his son as "a real individual in the truest sense of the word".

"I think he would have grown up to be anything he wanted to be," he said.

"He was a very happy child and when he did some school work recently he was asked to write down if there was anything that concerned him.

"He wrote down: 'Nothing' ".