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'Micro pig' grows too large for Swansea house

A woman is appealing for a good home for her pet after spending £700 on what she thought was a micro pig - only to see it grow into an 18 stone porker.

Tracey Lisk from Swansea says the pig called Nessa has not stopped growing since she bought if last February.

She said she never expected it to get anywhere near its current size.

"Although she is really clean they are very destructive in the house so she is now lives in the garage and garden," said the mother of four.

She said she had contacted a number of community farms but they were not interested in rehousing Nessa, who Mrs Lisk would happily give away for free to a good home.

"I really thought I had done my homework and I saved up for a year," she said.

'Never made any mess'

Image caption Tracey Lisk says her 'micro pig' Nessa has just kept "growing and growing and growing"

After checking out various websites and successfully applying for a licence she bought the animal from a woman in England.

"Being honest when I first saw her I thought she was big - and she has just kept growing and growing and growing."

She says she has contacted the woman who sold it to her and was told there was nothing she could do about it.

"She said she had sold 13 without any complaints."

Mrs Lisk added: "From day one she has never made any mess in the house and she is very good with the dog.

"She is destructive and so we've made a home for her in the garage but she should be on farm.

"I just want to see her go to a good home."

'Micro pigs'

The British Kunekune Society - which represents owners of a small breed of domesticated pig - said it does not agree with keeping pigs as house pets.

It said: "As a society we are regularly contacted by people who have bought a 'tiny' pig, that has grown to an unexpected size.

"There is no breed of pig called the mini, micro, miniature or teacup pig.

"These words can conjure an incorrect image in the minds of those who are not familiar with the sizes of pig breeds.

"If you are searching for a pet pig a responsible breeder will always be happy to show you all their stock and answer questions before taking deposits.

"Do not assume that a pig photographed at just a few days old will remain small after two or three years."

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