Speedway Grand Prix: Thousands attend Cardiff event

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image captionRiders will race against one another on bikes that have no brakes

Around 40,000 people are attending the Speedway Grand Prix in Cardiff on Saturday.

Billed as the biggest event in the speedway calendar, 16 riders will race against one another in the Principality Stadium.

British world champion Tai Woffinden will also be taking part in a bid to secure his first home title in the Welsh capital.

But what does it take to become a speedway racer?

Former world championship finalist Barry Briggs said: "It takes an awful lot of dedication, it's like any sportsman now, you have to be up to a really high level of fitness and having desire is really important.

media captionFormer world championship Barry Briggs says being a speedway racer takes a lot of work

"The boys are really tough, it's a brutal sport and you have got to be committed to it."

He also had some advice for those who are just starting out: "Find a track that is suitable to learn on - maybe a slightly smaller one - and a good coach.

"Like anything, if you're taught right from the start and put in the correct habits, it makes life a lot easier.

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He added: "Anyone that rides a bike or a horse knows the adrenaline rush of doing it, and at this level against the best guys - at 70 or 80mph touching each other sideways with no brakes - it is phenomenal.

"To win a race, that is what makes it all worthwhile."

"On Saturday you're going to see the very best guys here, there aren't really a lot of tips you can give them, you can reinforce some of their opinions but they are are at the top of their game."

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Gates open for the Speedway Grand Prix at 15:30 BST while the fan zone opens earlier on City Hall Lawn at 11:00 BST.

Westgate Street and Scott Road are amongst a number of streets being closed throughout the day.

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