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Don't Tell the Bride groom accidentally sets himself on fire

Ben and Sarah Longville getting married on Don't Tell the Bride Image copyright Wales news service
Image caption Ben Longville had to organise his wedding to Sarah as part of Don't Tell the Bride

A man who starred in the television show Don't Tell the Bride is recovering in hospital after he set himself on fire while trying to burn sticks.

Ben Longville, 35, was engulfed in flames and blown into the air after he poured four litres of petrol onto a pile of garden waste and lit it.

He was saved after his father-in-law pushed him to the floor outside his Caerphilly home to put the flames out.

Mr Longville, who married his wife on the former BBC show, has severe burns.

He said: "It was a stupid thing. I was cutting down hedges for my father-in-law and piled them up and put around four litres of petrol on it.

"Fumes filled the air pockets between the bushes and sticks and when I bent down to light it I just heard a bang and closed my eyes.

"My father-in-law said I was blown back around 20ft through the air and up the garden."

Image copyright Wales news service
Image caption Ben Longville has 10% severe burns and 20% minor burns

Mr Longville, a security supervisor, said doctors have told him his father-in-law David Owens saved his life after rugby tackling him to the floor.

"I hit the ground and it knocked the wind out of me. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was that my face and arms were on fire," he added.

He was airlifted to Morriston Hospital in Swansea after the accident two weeks ago and he is still being treated.

He has 10% severe burns and 20% minor burns to his face, neck, torso, arms and hands.

His wife Sarah, who he married in Caerphilly Castle in 2012, said she was driving to the hospital every day to see him with their four-year-old daughter.

Mrs Longville added: "She has been to see him and she is taking it in her stride - she's been great."

First shown in 2008, Don't Tell The Bride follows the journey of different couples as the groom is put in charge of planning their upcoming weddings. It was originally made by the BBC but has since moved to Channel 4.

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