Cardiff hit-and-run driver jailed for three years

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The incident was caught on CCTV

A banned driver who knocked down a pedestrian in Cardiff city centre has been jailed for three years.

Mohammad Yousuf Arshad, 23, hit John Dare on 26 July and the train driver said he was "lucky to be alive".

Cardiff Crown Court heard how Arshad, of Cathays, Cardiff, had been trying to escape from police and reached speeds of up to 58mph in 30mph zones.

He admitted five driving offences including causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

Prosecutor Nuhu Gobir said Arshad took a BMW from a friend's house - but was spotted by police.

"The officer illuminated his blue lights and sirens signalling for the BMW to stop," he told the court.

"As the officer opened the driver's door Arshad accelerated away at speed."

He drove in a bus lane on Westgate Street and "squeezed" between other vehicles in an attempt to escape, Mr Gobir said.

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Mohammad Arshad sped through Cardiff city centre in a bid to escape police

Analysts who viewed CCTV footage said that Arshad reached speeds of up to 58mph in 30mph zones close to Cardiff's Principality Stadium.

He drove over a pavement and struck Mr Dare, who was about to cross Wood Street on a pedestrian crossing, when driving on the wrong side of the road.


Mr Dare suffered serious injuries, including a fractured arm and multiple lacerations, and spent a week in hospital.

Mr Gobir said: "Mr Dare was knocked onto the bonnet of the car before sliding down onto the road.

"The BMW broke to a slow stop after the collision, then after a second drove around him and sped off."

Arshad admitted causing serious injury by dangerous driving, aggravated vehicle taking, driving while disqualified, failing to stop after a road traffic collision and using a vehicle without insurance.

In a victim impact statement, Mr Dare said he was "lucky to be alive".

"The driver did not stop after hitting me, which I find horrendous. Why did he not stop to help me?"

Recorder of Cardiff Eleri Rees said: "Mr Dare didn't have a hope or moment to take any evasive action.

"Instead of stopping to see his injuries, your first thought was for yourself."

Leighton Mawer, of the Crown Prosecution Service Cymru-Wales, said: "At the time of the collision Arshad was driving on the wrong side of the road.

"Despite colliding with a pedestrian, who was then thrown from the vehicle's bonnet, Arshad carried on driving in an attempt to evade the police.

"Arshad shouldn't have been on the road at all that day but chose to ignore the previous court order banning him from driving. That decision had terrible consequences for Mr Dare, to whom we wish a speedy recovery."