Burning Lantern St Fagans apology for queuing problems

image captionThe event at the National Museum Wales-owned site was a sell-out

A Cardiff fayre has apologised after customers were left queuing "for hours" when it underestimated demand on bars and food outlets.

People took to social media to complain they had queued for hours only to find food and drink was out of stock - but had not been allowed to take their own.

Burning Lantern in St Fagans said it hoped the issues did not spoil a "great day of music in a beautiful setting" at its first fayre.

It said it would make improvements.

Customers said the issues had continued "all evening" and many had expressed concerns prior to the event that people, especially those with children, were not allowed to bring their own refreshments.

They added the fayre had known in advance how many people were attending and many have asked for their £50 tickets to be refunded.

image captionPeople paid £50 for tickets to the fayre

They include Sian Rivers D'Alesio who left the event early - missing headliner Tom O'Dell - because she did not want to queue any longer.

She said: "I thought 'this is ridiculous, I'm missing what I've paid £100 [for two tickets] for', so we left before the headliners."

"It was such a disappointment, it was a big thumbs down."

In response to organisers' claims they had underestimated demand on food stalls, she said: "How could they underestimate it if it was sell-out? It's not rocket science.

"People were furious, it was chaos."

Paul Reaney, wrote on Facebook: "I will be asking for a refund, shambles, very poor organising, families should have be able to take refreshments, chairs etc to the event."

image source, Facebook
image captionBurning Lantern posted a Facebook apology for the issues

Others reported problems with transport.

Emma McEvoy wrote: "We waited for the bus (that they provided and we paid for) for 1hr and 50 minutes. We gave up waiting in the end. Seeking my refund for both bus and festival tickets."

Stacie Bourke said: "The organised transport was also chaos. The bus from Bridgend eventually delivered those of us who had continued to wait, an hour and a half later than planned.

"By which time there was no chance of getting a drink. We had to sacrifice our place in the bar queue after an hour so as not to miss our favourite band, The Shires."

In a statement, Burning Lantern organisers said: "We apologise for the queuing issue early in the evening - we underestimated the demand on the bars and food outlets so early, and we hope that didn't spoil a great day of music in a beautiful setting at this first Burning Lantern Fayre.

"We'll learn from this and make improvements for future events."

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