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Agatha Christie photo exhibition to open in Cardiff

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Media captionThe images provide a unique insight into the life of the world best-selling author

Photographs from the private collection of legendary crime author Agatha Christie are to be displayed in Cardiff.

The Agatha Christie: A Life in Photographs exhibition runs at National Museum Cardiff from Saturday until 3 September.

It shines a light on her family life, marriages and international adventures.

The queen of crime's grandson Mathew Pritchard said relatives were "delighted" to share the pictures.

Director general of the museum, David Anderson, said: "This is a beautifully curated exhibition which gives us an insight of Agatha Chirstie's life in photographs.

"The vivid images, accompanied by quotes in her own words, convey her humour and intelligence, as well as her love of travel and adventure. I hope our visitors enjoy a look into the extraordinary life of the most-widely published author of all time."

Image copyright The Christie Archive Trust
Image caption A young Agatha Christie with her dolls Phoebe and Rosalind at the end of the 19th Century and aged 16 in Paris

Each image is accompanied by a quote in Christie's own words, drawn from both published works and unpublished personal correspondence, capturing her thoughts and feelings.

In one, she says: "Nothing has surprised me more in life than to have become a famous authoress - I sometimes can't believe it's really me".

Image copyright The Christie Archive Trust
Image caption Christie on Torquay pier with the Lucy family and her sister-in-law, Nan Watts in about 1911

Family photos show Christie as an energetic and adventurous young woman, with photographs of her surfing on an idyllic Muizenberg beach in South Africa and roller-skating on Torquay pier.

A timeline will also mark the key milestones in her life, including the first performance of the world's longest-running play, The Mousetrap, and the publication of her seminal works, such as Murder on the Orient Express and And Then There Were None.

Chtistie, a crime novelist, short story writer and playwright, is best known for 66 novels and short story collections.

She is widely cited as the best-selling author of fiction of all time, with an estimated two billion sales worldwide.

Image copyright The Christie Archive Trust
Image caption Agatha Christie surfing in South Africa in February 1922
Image copyright The Christie Archive Trust
Image caption Agatha Christie on the street in Harrogate as a younger woman and older woman at 59

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