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Bridgend teacher 'had sex with pupil on school trip'

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A teacher had sex with a teenage pupil while on a school trip, a fitness to practice hearing has been told.

The man, who teaches at a school in Bridgend county, denies having sex with the girl and allowing her to drink alcohol.

He told a colleague: "You know [pupil A], I've smashed her," the hearing was told.

The fitness to practise hearing of the Education Workforce Council in Cardiff continues.

Presenting officer Cadi Dewi said the teacher was accused of allowing Pupil A to consume alcohol, being alone with Pupil A for part of the night, making inappropriate remarks about Pupil A, remaining in the bar with Pupil A until 06:00 and engaging in sexual intercourse with Pupil A.

Giving evidence, the teacher said he did indicate something sexual had occurred to the colleague but said it was "banter... male bravado" and that they were not speaking as professionals.

He said he did use the words "smashed her", which he said he deeply regretted saying.

But when asked at the hearing whether he had sex with Pupil A, he replied: "Absolutely not".

He said he stayed up talking to Pupil A but there were always other people present - but he accepted it was "inappropriate" and "may lead to rumours".

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Image caption The Education Workforce Council hearing is taking place at Jury's Inn in Cardiff

He said: "Pupil A asked me about my family as we had recently had a baby.

"She brushed a hand against my leg... I felt it was time to end the conversation and go to bed.

"The teachers were aware of all the pupils drinking.

"In all my time teaching I've had an impeccable record."

A fellow teacher who shared a room with him on the trip to continental Europe said he went to bed at about 02:00 one morning and was woken by the teacher returning to the room at about 06:00.

He said the teacher told him: "You know [pupil A], I've smashed her."

When asked if he was joking, he said he was not and told his colleague they had sex in the hotel basement where he believed there was no CCTV, the hearing was told.

The colleague said: "I could not get back to sleep after what [he] had said. I was quite intimidated by him. I knew I'd have to report it."

The panel was told the teacher bragged about it again the next day.

'Do it again'

The teacher's colleague said it was "entirely inappropriate" for the teacher involved in the hearing to be alone with Pupil A and there was a "zero tolerance" of pupils consuming alcohol while on the trip, regardless of their age.

He said the teacher sent him a text that said: "Worse thing is in the same situation I'd probably do it again LOL."

The colleague said he wrote a statement about what happened the weekend after returning home.

He asked for a meeting with the school head teacher and handed over his statement, and the head teacher told the hearing the teacher was removed from his classroom and suspended.

She said she spoke to Pupil A's mother on three occasions and the mother said she did not think anything sexual had occurred between her daughter and the teacher.

Of the teacher, she said: "He worked well with his colleagues in the department. He was willing to be involved with extra curricular activities and had positive relationships with young people."

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