Cardiff Principality Stadium's 300ft mast gets a wash

media captionAbseilers clean the 300ft-high mast at the Principality Stadium

It is a dirty job but somebody has to do it - scaling 300ft to clean the heights of Cardiff's Principality stadium.

Abseilers with jet washers climbed its 90m-high mast to make sure the stadium is squeaky clean for the Champions League Final on 3 June.

Specialist firm Summit Rope Access used 1.2 miles (2km) of ropes and rigging.

Sean Turley, of the company, said: "You have to have a good head for heights to get the job done."

The game is expected to be watched by a global TV audience of up to 200 million people in 200 countries.

Gareth Bale's Real Madrid, Monaco, Atletico Madrid and Juventus are still in the hunt for the trophy.

image source, Wales news service
image captionThe Principality Stadium was previously know as the Millennium Stadium

The specially-trained cleaners have ensured the 76,500-seater stadium is tip top for European club football's most glittering showpiece.

"We have worked on the Principality Stadium for about 17 years, more or less, since it opened so we are very used to it now," Mr Turley said.

Principality Stadium manager Mark Williams said the toe-curling maintenance of the stadium's mast always "attracts attention" from passers-by.

image source, Wales News Service

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