Cardiff's deal to become Wales' first 'child friendly city'

Image source, Getty Images

Cardiff has taken a step towards becoming Wales' first "child friendly city" after the council agreed a three-year partnership with Unicef UK.

The move will see the council work with the humanitarian agency on a "child rights partners programme".

Young people will have a say in policy decisions, the chance to design public spaces and ensure their rights are considered when delivering services.

The council's cabinet agreed the deal on Thursday.

Councillor Sue Lent said: "We want children to feel safe, to feel that they have a voice and that they will be listened to.

"It's probably fair to say that in the past the rights and the views of children have been disregarded in some instances.

"Institutions in the past may have been guilty of not listening to children. But we want this to go beyond the city council and beyond other institutions into the very fabric of what makes Cardiff a great place to live in and a great place to grow up in."