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Doctor 'blackmailed with naked photos' by Farhan Mirza

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A doctor allegedly blackmailed with naked photos was asked for a fake medical certificate and a motorbike by the accused, a court has heard.

Farhan Mirza, 38, of Abertillery, Blaenau Gwent, denies voyeurism, theft, fraud and blackmail charges.

One alleged victim told Cardiff Crown Court Mr Mirza tried to force her to get the certificate for back pain so he could be signed off work.

Jurors heard he also demanded a £16,000 motorcycle, but she refused.

In court, Mr Mirza was described as a "sexual and financial predator".

The woman has also claimed Mr Mirza tried to get her to sponsor a visa for his father to enter the country after he took naked photographs of her while she was asleep.

She told the court that "every time there was a demand", he would say: "I can make you mega famous."

Giving evidence, the woman said she found his laptop and saw naked pictures of Mr Mirza with other women set as his screensaver.

Mr Mirza met some of his alleged victims on the website, which describes itself as the world's biggest match-making website.

One told the court she exposed his lies when she found £70,000 in cash and hundreds of images of naked women, including a video of herself which she knew nothing about, at his home.

After the discovery, she claims he threatened to blackmail her.

Previously, jurors were told his alleged victims, who are all Muslim women, were targeted because of the "terror and embarrassment" they would have felt.

One said she feared reprisals from ultra-religious groups like the Taliban if a video of her was sent to her Pakistani family.


  • Voyeurism, between 1-29 Feb 2012
  • Voyeurism, between 1-31 March 2013
  • Voyeurism, between 1-31 May 2014
  • Blackmail, 15 July 2013, demanded a medical certificate
  • Blackmail, between 1-31 Aug 2013, demanded £500
  • Blackmail, between 1-31 Oct 2013, demanded £2,000
  • Blackmail, between 1-31 Dec 2013, demanded handbags, clothing and cutlery
  • Theft of a laptop between 11 January 2014 and 1 March 2014
  • Fraud between 10-22 Dec 2013 - told a woman he was a doctor of medicine

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