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Cyclist injured by barbed wire stretched across path

image copyrightBen Threlfall/Facebook

A cyclist injured after riding into barbed wire that was deliberately stretched across a bike trail has said he "should be dead".

Ben Threlfall, 31, was riding down a "very fast" forest trail in Ton Pentre, Rhondda Cynon Taff, on Saturday when he was injured.

He said: "I saw it at the last minute and rode right into it, flat out and snapped it with my throat."

South Wales Police is investigating the incident at Mynydd Ton Forest.

image copyrightBen Threlfall/Facebook
image captionThe barbed wire damaged Mr Threlfall's jacket

The collision threw Mr Threlfall off his bike and he had to unwrap the wire from around his neck.

He said: "Thankfully the main impact was taken by my shoulders. I'm 6ft 3in, so it cut across my chest and shoulders first, before sliding up to my neck.

"I don't know how I survived. It was a very, very, scary experience."

After the incident, he said he "just wanted a cup of tea to calm down" and carried on his work as a mountain bike guide for the rest of the day.

He added: "I'm not going to be scared off from this area, we just have to be more vigilant now. I would like to put a sign up on the trail saying 'you've nearly killed someone'."

South Wales Police said mountain bikers should be aware of the incident and asked anyone with information to contact the force.

image copyrightBen Threlfall/Facebook

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