South East Wales

Royal Mail reinstates deliveries after 'dangerous grass' row

Residents affected by lack of mail Image copyright Wales news service

Post deliveries will be reinstated to a row of properties in Torfaen after Royal Mail said walking on a grass verge was "too dangerous".

The health and safety ban in Severn View, Garndiffaith, near Pontypool, came after a postman complained.

But Royal Mail said it would reinstate deliveries to two of the 10 houses after a "further safety assessment".

It has also proposed installing external mailboxes to the rear of the other eight properties.

"If they are willing to do something to help residents, I can't complain," said local county councillor Gwyneira Clark.

"I wouldn't want to jeopardise health and safety.

"But would like to be there with the residents and a representative from the post office before they action any alternative post boxes."

Royal Mail initially said a short stretch of grass between car tracks and residents' front doors was unsafe so the 10 homes needed to collect mail from a local Post Office.

"We apologise to residents at Severn View for the continued disruption to their mail service," a Royal Mail spokesman said on Friday.

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