South East Wales

Barry referee rugby tackled by bystander during match

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Media captionThe match was abandoned when the score was 1-1

A football match had to be abandoned after the referee was tackled to the ground by a bystander during the game.

It happened 20 minutes into the match between Barry Athletic FC and FC Pumas in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, at about 14:15 BST on Saturday.

The referee was unable to continue.

A spokesman for Barry Athletic FC said: "They came over and stood on the side of the pitch and one of them just had the ref from behind and the ref's legs went right up behind him."

South Wales Police said a report of assault at Barry Athletic Club had been made and the matter was being investigated.

The Barry Athletic spokesman added: "We were playing the game and these two guys entered the ground through some gate not used by anyone in the club.

"The ref squealed understandably and the guy just ran off to the side of the pitch."

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