South West Wales

E. coli find closes Swansea cockle bed in Burry Inlet

Welsh cockle, Cerastoderma edule Image copyright National Museum Wales

A Swansea cockle bed has been closed due to concerns about "higher than normal" levels of E. coli found in shellfish samples.

A temporary closure notice for the production areas of South Eastern Burry Inlet cockle bed has been issued.

Swansea council's decision follows advice from the Food Standards Agency Wales and the Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aqua Science.

The council said beaches remained open and waters were safe to bathe in.

Council food and safety officer Ann Rodway said: "We would all like to see the bed re-open as soon as possible. In the meantime, our priority must be to protect public health.

"There is no health risk to beach users, but they must not collect or eat cockles."

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