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Penarth house collapses during basement extension

Collapsed house in Penarth Image copyright Wales news service

A house worth more than £800,000 has collapsed during work to build an underground basement extension.

Rear walls crumbled and the roof gave way on the large home in Clinton Road, Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, at about 10:43 BST on Friday.

Owner Sid Gautum, 36, a cosmetic doctor, said he was creating more room for storage and a play room.

He said: "Luckily it's a house of two halves. The front is strong, but the insides have fallen in."

He added: "It's frustrating, unforeseen and irritating to lose this time on the project.

Image copyright Wales News Service

"We bought the house a couple of years ago. Work started more recently and due to issues with our contractor we have faced delay after delay."

Firefighters and sniffer dogs were sent to the house to check if anyone was trapped in the rubble inside and gas and electric supplies were shut down.

Fire station manager Jason Jones said the collapse "shouldn't have been allowed to happen".

"The site is still very dangerous and will be boarded up.

Image copyright Wales news service

"We were alerted by the collapse by a work man who had come to collect some tools.

"He is believed to have been the only person on site but we have sniffer dogs at the scene to confirm this.

"The existing contractor has been sent off site."

Image copyright Wales News Service

Former owner, winemaker Ian Symonds, said the property was sold to Mr Gautam in October 2014 for more than £800,000.

He said: "I lived there for 33 years and have many happy memories of our time in that house. It's very sad what's happened to it."

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