Porthcawl back to front 'selfie bench' rethink

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Two seats with their backs to the seafront in Bridgend county have been named "selfie benches" amid criticism for facing a busy road.

They were put on Porthcawl's Esplanade by Bridgend council which has said it will turn one due to public opinion.

Bridgend Tourism Association said it decided to put a "positive spin" on the situation and encouraged people to take photos on one of the "selfie benches".

The council said other seats were available nearby which faced the sea.

Association tourism director Hugh Murray said: "We have a fantastic coastline and when people take a selfie they have this amazing background behind them."

The benches had helped to "put Porthcawl on the map", he added.

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On a clear day, visitors in Porthcawl can see the coast of Somerset and Devon.

But instead of looking out to sea the newly-installed benches look over a busy road towards hotels.

The council said a local group wanted the seats to face the road.

A spokesman added: "Due to the strength of public opinion, we will be changing the direction of one of the benches towards the sea so that visitors have a choice of which view they would prefer to face."

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