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'Overcrowding' at asylum seekers' Lynx House, Cardiff

Lynx House, Cardiff Image copyright Wales News Service

Concerns have been raised about "gross overcrowding" at a property housing asylum seekers in Cardiff.

The city's council is due to inspect Lynx House after being alerted by the fire service and a resident.

It comes after a rule making residents wear coloured bands to get food there was scrapped.

Cardiff Central MP Jo Stevens urged the Home Office to "get a grip and sort it out" but it said it inspects asylum accommodation on a regular basis.

"The reports coming to me are of gross overcrowding," she told BBC Radio Wales.

"I've seen a video and photographs taken by residents of areas within Lynx House which certainly look very overcrowded and I don't doubt if the fire service have made a complaint to the local authority about it, they must be very concerned as well.

"The Home Office, who controls how many people go to Lynx House, need to step in and take some urgent action."

The home is run by Clearsprings Group.

Cardiff council confirmed it was made aware of concerns by the fire service and a resident.

A Home Office spokesman said: "We take every effort to inspect all asylum accommodation on a regular basis to ensure that it meets the required standard.

"Where a contractor is found to be falling short of these standards, we work with them to ensure issues are quickly addressed and when they are not we can and do impose sanctions."

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