South East Wales

Llantarnam parade for Rorke's Drift hero John Williams

Pte John Williams was born John Fielding Image copyright Williams family
Image caption Born John Fielding, he used the alias John Williams when he joined the 24th Regiment of Foot in 1877

A parade and service has been held to honour a soldier who won the Victoria Cross in the legendary defence of Rorke's Drift in the Anglo-Zulu wars.

John Williams VC, from Cwmbran, was one of 11 decorated for bravery after the battle on 23 January 1879.

Roads were closed for a short time for Saturday's annual parade in Llantarnam where a new gravestone to the soldier was erected in 2013.

About 150 British soldiers defended the mission station against 4,000 Zulus.

The events were immortalised in the 1964 film Zulu starring Michael Caine.

The Anglo-Zulu war saw Britain fight against the Zulu kingdom in South Africa and brought an end to Zulu independence.

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