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Penhow park birth mum may be an 'under pressure' schoolgirl

Newborn baby (generic) Image copyright PA

A mother who gave birth in a park three months ago may be under pressure to keep it a secret, police have said.

It is believed her baby girl died after delivery in Parc Seymour, Penhow, Newport, on either October 18 or 19.

Police believe the mother is possibly a schoolgirl, young, local and "afraid of what her parents may think".

In a fresh appeal to find her, teachers have been asked to think of any pupil whose behaviour has changed or who avoided activities.

'Under pressure'

Despite media coverage, forensic analysis of birth materials and tracing pregnant women from the area, the young mother has not been identified.

Senior investigating officer, Det Supt Ruth Price, said police were working on the basis that the baby girl did not survive.

She said the mother's behaviour would have changed, she would probably have avoided physical exercise and would have appeared "under enormous pressure".

"If this girl was attending school, teachers may have picked up on any of these behaviours," she said.

"I would like to appeal to them as a group to think about any of their pupils who may fit into some or all of the categories."

Police are hopeful DNA profiling will lead to her identification, but Det Supt Price said she could be under pressure to keep the birth a secret.

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