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Vale of Glamorgan Roman coins and medieval rings are 'treasure'

Coins Image copyright National Museum Wales

A hoard of Roman silver coins and two medieval finger rings found in the Vale of Glamorgan have been declared treasure.

The 91 coins, dating back to AD 31 were found in a field at Wick by men using metal detectors in December 2014.

In a separate find, gold and silver finger rings, one 12th, the other 15th century were found at Llancarfan in December 2013.

The coroner for Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan declared both finds treasure.

Using metal detectors, Richard Annear and John Player found the coins, that had been scattered by ploughing.

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They had been buried in a locally-made pot and contained some from the rule of Mark Anthony in 31 AD and periods of Emperor Nero (AD 54 to 68) and Marcus Aurelius (AD 161 to 180).

National Museum Wales' Edward Besly said the find, close to another at Monknash in 2000, point to a "prosperous coin-using economy in the area".

The silver 12th century ring was similar to one found in Worcester and the gold 15th century one had a pattern of half-flowers on it.

National Museum Wales' Mark Redknap said they were "important indicators of changing fashions in south Wales during the medieval period".

Image copyright Robin Maggs
Image copyright Robin Maggs

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