Tunisia beach attack: 'Gunman's bullet grazed my head'

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Media captionRita Williams was almost killed when one of the gunman's bullets grazed her head

A woman on holiday in Tunisia was almost killed when one of the gunman's bullets grazed her head.

Ken and Rita Williams, from Maesteg, Bridgend, were in the resort of Sousse on Friday when 38 people were murdered.

The pair ran when Seifeddine Rezgui opened fire on holidaymakers and one of his bullets passed through Mrs Williams's hat.

"We're unbelievably lucky, another quarter of an inch and she'd be dead," said Mr Williams.

"All of a sudden I went down, I said to my husband 'I think I've been hit'," added Mrs Williams.

"It [the bullet] knocked me off my feet. I put my hand on my head because I thought I might have been bleeding, but it was a scratch mark so it couldn't have been any closer."

Image caption Rita Williams was on the beach with her husband Ken when the gunman opened fire

David Hughes, from Deeside, Flintshire, said he and wife Christine saw Rezgui, who is linked to Islamic State extremists, firing as he ran towards people.

Mr Hughes said the gunman was still shooting at people 40 minutes later.

Cardiff couple Ben Milton and Shelley Hay, who were also on the beach, got engaged just hours after the attack.

Mr and Mrs Hughes were staying in the Belle Vue Park Hotel and were sunbathing when they Rezgui start to shoot.

"People had started to run, me and my wife started to run back towards our hotel," he said.

"I could see the sand being flicked up by the bullets."

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Media captionMany holidaymakers chose to leave Tunisia in the wake of the attack

The couple flew home on Saturday, three days into their trip.

Meanwhile, Mr Milton, 24, explained how he had planned to propose to his partner on the day of the murders and decided to go ahead in spite of the killings.

"I decided to do it anyway and not let them stop my plans," he said.

Ms Hay, who also celebrated her 25th birthday on Friday, said: "I heard what I thought was fireworks, I looked to the left of me and the whole beach was running and it was like a stampede.

"I've never seen anything like it in my life. There were shots, I could see sand flying in the air and I believe it was bullets hitting the floor."

Image copyright Wales News Service
Image caption Ben Milton proposed hours after the attack in Sousse, Tunisia

Leiha Shaw, from Ravenhill in Swansea, was also on the beach when the killer opened fire.

She told the Jason Mohammad show: "We can't believe what's happened, it's just so heart breaking."

Ms Shaw, who was on holiday with her husband, brother and parents, said the reality of what was happening did not hit them until they heard a lifeguard shout "run for your life" and saw people running and screaming along the beach.

"It was the most terrifying moment of my life."

The family ran nearly a mile back to their hotel, not knowing if they were heading into an ambush or more gunfire.

"I thought 'if I don't run, I'm going to die'. I can't thank the Tunisian people enough - they saved myself and my family."

Image copyright Leiha Shaw
Image caption Leiha Shaw, left, was on her fifth trip to Tunisia with her family when the killer struck

Trudy Jones, 51, from Blackwood, Caerphilly county, was one of those killed by the gunman.

A family statement read: "She was the rock of our family and kept us all going. None of us have a clue how we're going to cope without her."

Home Secretary Theresa May laid flowers on the beach near Sousse on Monday and called the massacre "a despicable act of cruelty".

Prime Minister David Cameron said the government is working "as fast as we can" to give families information.

Tunisian interior ministry spokesman Mohamed Ali Aroui said authorities were "sure" that Rezgui had accomplices.

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Image caption Trudy Jones was due to fly home from Tunisia on Sunday
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Media captionCarwyn Jones said his thoughts are with the families of those killed and injured

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