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Dominican 'killer' wife Nicole Reyes was suicidal

Nicole Reyes and Jorge Quintanilla Reyes
Image caption Jorge Quintanilla Reyes was knocked off his motorbike by Reyes, which she said was an accident

A Cardiff woman jailed for 12 years in the Dominican Republic for killing her husband has said she contemplated taking her own life.

Nicole Reyes, 39, was sentenced in February over the death of Jorge Quintanilla Reyes, 38, in a road collision in July 2012.

Her trial heard he was knocked off his motorbike by Reyes, but she has always maintained it was an accident.

The mother of two was freed in June after her family paid £62,000 bail.

"My children, my mum, my dad - I could see what they were going through," Reyes told BBC Radio Wales' Jason Mohammad on Wednesday.

"I kept thinking they'd get over it [if I passed away]. I thought I can't keep putting them through this."

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Media captionThe mother of two said she has not grieved for her dead husband

Reyes criticised the Foreign Office, claiming "there was no help at all".

"I actually have someone pass comment that all they were good for was a library company - just bringing me books.

"One lady from the foreign office flew out to see me... she said never mind, look on the bright side... they're telling you you're going to have 12 years, you've done two, only another 10 to go.

"I just felt completely crushed."

But the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: "We provided significant consular assistance to Ms Reyes and her family during her detention in the Dominican Republic, and continued to do so until her return to the UK in June this year.

"We were in contact with her lawyers and we monitored the case closely. We stand ready to provide any further consular assistance that may be required."

Reyes said she was still coming to terms with losing her husband.

"I haven't had time to grieve because I've had to stay strong... I had to focus on keeping strong to get out of there. I still haven't grieved," she said.

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