South East Wales

Counter-terrorism raid at Cardiff house

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Media captionPolice are still outside the house in Cathays

Counter-terrorism police have seized material from a house in Cardiff as part of an ongoing operation.

The property in Dogfield Street, Cathays, was searched early on Wednesday by officers and a number of items were taken away.

South Wales Police said there was no immediate threat to public safety.

Assistant Chief Constable Nikki Holland said cooperation with the local community was vital to tackle radicalisation and extremism.

She said: "We use our powers only when proportionate to do so, working closely with partners and communities to try and divert people from engaging in unlawful activity by use of the Prevent programme and initiatives such as the Channel Project.

"The issue is not unique to Cardiff or Wales and is a priority for police across the UK, and suggestions that Cardiff has a particular problem with young men and extreme views is simply wrong. While we do have our share of challenges, our religious communities here in south Wales are strong and constructive."

'Diverse community'

One local resident said following the raid: "There's a fair number of students and families on this street. It wouldn't be the sort of place I'd expect any of this kind of stuff to go on. "

Local councillor Sarah Merry locals would be saddened if the property had housed terrorist activities.

She said: "Generally community relations in Cathays are pretty good. It's a very diverse community. You've got residents who have lived there for a long time, ethnic minorities, as well as students.

"There's a lot of short term lets on the street.

"I've never known anything like this before. Most of the tensions tend to be between students and non-students."

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