South East Wales

'Lock down' in Cardiff in preparation for Nato dinners

Police outside Cardiff Castle
Image caption Cardiff Castle and the park around it has been closed off by police

Central Cardiff was empty of its usual throngs of lunchtime shoppers and diners as the Nato summit security operation ramped up.

Many shops in the area were closed and people were comparing the business district to a ghost city.

Scores of world leaders and VIPs are expected for working dinners at Cardiff Castle and the nearby Royal College of Music and Drama later.

And protesters were expected to gather in the city centre for a march.

Police at security barriers helped keep a ring of steel around the castle.

Image caption Many shops in the centre of Cardiff decided to close for the day
Image caption Police patrolled the empty streets around the castle this morning
Image caption The scores of shoppers who would normally be browsing were absent on Thursday
Image caption Castle Arcade in Cardiff was deserted at lunchtime
Image caption The centre of Cardiff has gone into 'lock down' as security at the Nato summit tightens